What the Kids Are Studying

We believe that the Church is called to come alongside parents in the vital task of teaching their children about Jesus. We are delighted to feed our children with the truths of God's Word that will satisfy their hearts and shape their lives both now and forever.



On Sunday mornings, Fellowship Baptist Church uses the Truth:78 curriculum to teach both grade levels. Truth:78 is a vision-oriented ministry for the next generations—that they may know, honor, and treasure God, setting their hope in Christ alone, so that they will live as faithful disciples for the glory of God.

Truth:78 seeks to train and instruct the mind, engage the heart, and influence the will through proclaiming the whole counsel of God.  Truth:78 is God-centered, Bible-saturated, gospel-focused, Christ-exalting, spirit-dependent, doctrinally grounded, and discipleship-oriented.


Pre-School to Grade 3

On Sunday mornings, the younger kids are studying Truth:78's "He has Spoken by His Son."

“He  has  Spoken  by  His  Son” teaches young children about the greatness of God through the New Testament. Children are shown the heart of God and how He speaks to people through His Son, Jesus. The 52 Old Testament story references are arranged chronologically, and key themes, which build a foundation to know and love God, are emphasized repeatedly to reinforce the concepts with children. Teachers  are  provided  with  the  Scripture  reference,  key  themes,  “Hooks”  (opening illustrations), and “Looks” (application questions). Teachers develop the Bible story through studying the passage and praying over the lesson. Preparation tips and instructions are provided for teachers.


Students in Grades 4 through 6




The older kids are studying "The Study of the Wise: A Study for Children on Wisdom and Follishness."  The curriculum contrasts the foolish person and the wise person by discussing the characteristics of each. It also teaches that the way of the foolish ends in destruction, but the way of the wise leads to life. A banner with removable pieces is used to illustrate these differences to children throughout the study. The curriculum challenges students to look beyond outward behavior and to look at the heart. The Way of the Wise uses the book of Proverbs to encourage children to pursue wisdom and to shun folly.




Pre-School to Grade 3

The New City Catechism Curriculum

On Wednesday evenings, the younger kids are utilizing a different Bible study called "The New City Catechism."

Throughout the history of the church, Christians have used catechisms—collections of questions and answers designed for memorization and recitation—to teach others the core doctrines of the faith.

"The New City Catechism" is a modern-day resource aimed at reintroducing this ancient method of teaching to Christians today. "The New City Catechism" curriculum features 52 engaging lessons developed from the questions and answers of "The New City Catechism." It is designed to help children ages 8–11 learn the core doctrines of the Christian faith in a Sunday school, classroom, or homeschool setting.





Students in Grades 4 through 6

On Wednesday evenings, the older kids are studying Truth:78's “Fight the Good Fight: A Study for Children on Persevering in Faith.” 

“Fight the Good Fight” is a Midweek Bible study for children on persevering in faith. The curriculum communicates that everyone is in a battle—either as an unbeliever fighting against God or as a believer fighting the fight of faith with God’s help. The lessons present these two battles and explain God’s work of grace both in justification and in the perseverance of faith. The study also introduces common battlegrounds of the heart, provides practical suggestions on how to fight these battles, and gives helpful strategies to guard one’s faith. The study ends by presenting the vision of an eternal life in heaven that makes our perseverance worthwhile. Students are encouraged to memorize selected Fighter Verses in conjunction with this study.