What is Fusion Studying



Sunday Mornings at 9AM

On Sundays, the youth are working their way the Book of Acts. 

The Book of Acts is actually a letter written to Theophilus by Luke, the doctor who accompanied Paul on his latter missionary journeys and used his medical training to carefully record what Paul and the other apostles said and did as inspired by God.

The Book of Acts is a fast-moving historical account of the first three decades of the church. Acts begins in Jerusalem just after Jesus' resurrection, recounts how the Gospel reached what are Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, and Malta today, and closes with the apostle Paul's two year ministry in Rome.

Highlights include the first Christian martyr Stephen; Peter's prison break; the demolition of the barrier between Jewish and gentile Christians; the conversion of Saul, a leading persecutor of Christians, into Paul on the road to Damascus, and his subsequent missionary journeys.

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesdays, Fusion will be working our way through Paul's Letter to the Church in Rome. 

Righteousness is a key theme in Romans.  'Righteousness' is the attribute of acting consistently in a good and right way. As such, it finds its complete expression in the character of God Himself. God always acts rightly, in accordance with His nature and promises, and His perfection in this regard is the standard against which every person is measured.

The implications of this statement are manifold. It means that God must punish sin and therefore must take action against the unrighteousness evident in us. Yet it also means that His promises to save a people must also stand.

The extraordinary good news of the gospel is about how God can make us righteous, without compromising His own righteousness.


Come join us for a substantive exploration of what Paul's letter says regarding the importance of the gospel  for the world, for the church, and for individual Christians.