Small Groups

Small Groups are an opportunity for small numbers of individuals to regularly come together to study God's Word in an environment where relationships can form and grow.
God is intensely devoted to relationships:
  • vertical relationships between God and people, and
  • horizontal relationships between individuals

Although essential, corporate worship does not always facilitate the development of meaningful relationships between all members.  Sometimes, people, hurting or otherwise, can feel like they have "fallen through the cracks."  Small groups help people connect so that no one needs to feel like they are doing life alone.  Instead, whether we are experienceing the darkness of a life struggle or the joy of a life celebration, we need not walk life alone.

Small Groups typically meet in the evenings on one or more days a month.  People are free to attend any or all of the small groups as they desire. 
Click the links below for more information on the individual small groups meeting currently: