Men's Ministry

Fellowship Baptist Church desires to assist men to be Biblical husbands and fathers, believing that the home is both the core social unit and that effectiveness at home is one criteria for leadership in the church. We hope to help men to lead their families for God and to minister to the needs of their family and home.  These ends are best achieved when a men’s group is structured to help men grow in a more intimate and personal relationship with Christ.

Study of the Bible is a core component of this ministry.  To this end, we have weekly meetings where gifted leaders teach through a study and have discussions of various topics pertinent to life.  The mission of Men’s Group is to offer practical help to men so that each will be equipped to counter the cultural trends of our day and to live as real men, with a solid understanding of authentic manhood and the practical knowledge of how to live it.

We recognize that relaxation and fellowship are also critically important to our mission.  Therefore throughout the year we schedule activities which can be enjoyed by men and their sons as well.  We are intentional in providing family friendly fellowship opportunities so that men may bring their sons as well.  These activities include retreats, service projects and monthly men’s breakfasts.   These activities are designed to allow opportunities for men to grow in their friendships with other godly men desiring to grow in their faith,

We invite you to come be a part of Men’s group.  You will not regret it!