Time: Wednesdays at 6:00pm and Sundays at 9am in Room 101.

FUSION is Fellowship Church’s youth group for 7th to 12th grades that challenges young people to respond to God’s call on their life through Biblical knowledge, service projects, and FUN.
In addition, every month, Fusion has a special event for the youth to participate in. These events vary from month to month and in the past have included: Bowling, working for Habitat for Humanity, Paintballing, a Pancake Breakfast, a trip to the Creation Museum, a Scavenger Hunt, working at the Kokomo Rescue Mission, Movie Nights, Nursing Home Visit, and a visit to Kings Island

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Fusion Purpose Statement:

  • To provide our students with knowledge and understanding about the Bible and the Christian faith
  • To create an environment where the youth will hear and be challenged to respond to God’s call on their life
  • To be a place to discuss Biblical answers to life’s difficult questions and situations
  • To be a venue for being a part of the body of Christ to prepare them for adult participation
  • To be a place for the youth to have proximity to mature Christian adults

Here is a short video about Fusion's recent trip to Twin Lakes Camp,

Click here to see what Fusion is studying.